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It is hard to make things simple

An application is just the tip of the iceberg. To offer a great service you need a powerful back end.

Discover why triPica is a Disruptive Innovator ?

We love your OCS as much as you do

You rely on your IN or OCS systems for real-time rating. No need to throw these investments away. triPica connects to your OCS but keeps the bulk of the intelligence in its back end to develop new innovative propositions.

Don't worry, we take care of everything

Our data model follows the TM Forum guidelines allowing for a versatile model that can adjust to local offers.

The triPica app communicates with the back end through a full set of API to simplify implementation.

triPica covers the complete experience, including ordering and signing up directly from the smartphone.

You’ll love our app but you wait until you see what’s inside

  • Theming

    Customizable front ends to match the brand’s guidelines. Multiple language support

  • Cloud and API

    Modern cloud architecture based on API to simplify external exchanges as well as internal chatter between micro-services

  • TM Forum

    TM forum compliant data model that follows the best industry standards and facilitates integration

Going to market with triPica only takes a few plugs and 6 months

  • Collective intelligence

    Leverages the existing OCS. No need to ditch past investments

  • Plug and go

    Easily connects to provisioning systems through operators’ API and web services

  • Cost efficient

    Low cost of operation thanks to Devops approach

triPica BSS, a Microservices architecture

Powerful architecture, easy integration

Host triPica in the cloud and easily integrate to local gateways and to the operator’s OSS without disrupting the legacy systems.

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