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A marketer’s dream, now within reach

triPica gives you the agility you long for. Now, the only barrier to creativity will be your imagination, not an IT process

Discover why triPica is a Disruptive Innovator ?

Live in a world of certainty

Your users have a right to know - at any time, from anywhere - how much data they have left in their plan. And not yesterday’s numbers...

The triPica app gives users instant access to their current balance but also to their full usage history.

The wait is over

Customize your price plan with the tip of your finger.

Why wait for the next billing cycle to change a tariff plan? We are in the 21st century after all! We make sure all customer actions are executed in real-time and logged to provide full transparency and certainty.

Get rid of the middle man

Going digital is not about launching an app. It’s a massive business model upgrade.

Simplification and technology will allow your customers to be autonomous, leading to significant reductions in your cost to serve.

The Journey starts, get on board!

triPica covers the complete journey starting from the discovery phase to sign up and use. We even integrate major community and digital support systems for a full service.

How good is your love score?

Telecom operators score low in terms of recommendation compared to other industries, a symptom of their outdated experience. Digital services, on the other hand, rank at the top spot within services industries.

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