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triPica helps mobile operators to step into the digital age by offering their customers a breakthrough user experience throughout their journey.

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Has your service become old school?

Mobile operators are the driving force behind the mass adoption of 3G and 4G and the rapid spread of smartphones.

However, as an operator, do you provide your users with an experience that's on par with the best digital service providers out there?

Do you feel challenged by your customers' fast-rising expectations?

Why triPica

Power to the people

Let users take back the power over their price plan through an intuitive, simple, yet powerful application that allows them to take the controls.

With transparent access to data, customers feel reassured and can make informed decisions.

Real time is the name of the game

We love your OCS as much as you do. And we can put it on steroids thanks to triPica’s digital BSS platform that works in conjunction with your current technologies.

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Our solution

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